2020/2021 Winter Membership

Winter Membership fees are due prior to the first race on October 25th, 2020. Membership forms can be downloaded/printed below or picked up at the track from an executive member or at Ultra R/C Hobbies. Payment must be made at the track to the race director or preferably by eTransfer to saskrcpay@gmail.com (please also email the answer to the security question). Each member gets a vote at club meetings.

Single Membership – $100.00
Family Membership – $125.00

Member Track Fees
Race Day Fee – $5.00 per class
Practice Fee – $0 FREE!

Non-Member Track Fees
Race Day Fee – $20.00 for first class, $10 each additional class
Practice Fee – $5.00 per day

General Notes

  • Family Memberships are only for immediate family residing at the same residence
  • Everyone must fill-out a membership form and sign the participation waiver before driving


  • Everyone must read and agree to the COVID-19 Rules and Regulations that must be in place this year due to health orders and discussions with Dundurn Sports Centre.
  • Masks must be worn when 2 meter distance cannot be met (drivers stand is a must)
  • All racers must enter and exit through the overhead door. Entry will be limited as weather gets colder, meaning overhead door will only be open in between rounds. This could mean that doors will be closed at a certain time before a round and will not open again till the end of the next round.
  • Hand sanitizer will be present at both entry points into the curling rink. It must be used when re-entering the building.
  • Everyone must sign in and out of the building indicating name, phone number, date and time.
  • No one from outside of Saskatchewan may enter the track area.
  • Only one person maybe in the common lobby area (where the bathrooms are located) at a time – this includes any hockey players and you must wear a mask.
  • Racers may not enter the common lobby area when there is a switch-over between hockey groups. Check the Dundurn website for times when others are expected in the building.

Forms will be available at the track from a member of the executive. Printing and filling in the forms below before coming to the track is appreciated!