Some Random Information for New Racers

QUESTIONS – Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Every member of this club is willing to help you out. Guaranteed. Ask questions at the track. Ask questions on the club forum or Facebook group. Ask questions at a hobby shop.

FORUMS – There are numerous on-line forums which can help you out with purchases, setups, etc… Just about every manufacturer has an on-line forum, just go to the company website and take a look. A few others are:

POWER – The club’s outdoor track does not have AC power. Most members charge batteries off their 1:1 vehicles. A few members have purchased gas generators in the 1200watt range. The club runs a gas generator for the computer, lap counter, and PA system. AC Power is available at the indoor track, bring an extension cord.

WASHROOM – The club’s outdoor track does not have a permanent washroom facility or running water. We will rent portable washrooms for the duration of the race season. Indoor track has access to the Dundurn Sports Centre washrooms.

LAP COUNTING – The club uses the AMBrc (now called Mylaps) lap counting system. You need a personal transponder (PT) to race; this device allows our computer to keep track of your lap times. They are expensive ($85-105US) but you can find used ones for less as well. PTs are a good investment because they don’t lose a lot of resale value. The club also has a dozen transponders which can be rented. NOTE: ‘Clone’ transponders made by MRT are no longer compatible with our system, we have upgraded to the RC4 decoder software.

TOOLS – Invest in some quality tools. Your RTR kit comes with basic allen/hex, wheel, and turnbuckle wrenches that are often made of softer metals and can strip screws. Ask other racers for advice on the better quality brands.

VISIT US – If you are reading this and you don’t own an R/C vehicle yet – come to the track and talk to our members about the better quality vehicles, radios, parts, etc… Some products are designed with racing in mind while others are more suited to the casual driver (call ‘bashing’ in the R/C hobby)

E-MAIL – Fire off an e-mail to if you have any questions or concerns about the club. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Here are some helpful Videos we found on that we have collected that might be helpful our New Racers and our Veterans.

Things to bring to RC races – Roach RC
Unwritten Rules of RC Racing – RC Roach