2021/2022 Winter Series Schedule

Indoor Track at Dundurn Sports Centre

    Work Party Sunday, October 3rd
    Work Party Sunday, October 17th
    Race #1 Sunday, October 24th
    Race #2 Sunday, November 7th
    Race #3 Sunday, November 21st
    Race #4 Sunday, December 5th
    Race #5 Sunday, December 19th
    Race #6 Sunday, January 2nd
    Race #7 Sunday, January 16th
    Race #8 Sunday, January 30th
    Race #9 Sunday, February 13th
    Blizzard Trophy Race Friday February 25, Saturday February 26th Sunday, February 27th
    Race #10 Sunday, March 13th
    Race #11 Sunday, March 27th

Winter Race Day

9:00 AM Doors Open
9:00 – 10:00 AM Open Practice and Registration
10:00 AM Driver’s Meeting and First Race Begins

Each winter race day consists of three (3) rounds of races, each race will be 7 minutes long. The race class order will be set by the race director each day based on attendance. Under 16 class may run additional races to keep things fun for our younger racers.

We take a brief lunch break after the first round of races. Under normal circumstances, our race days are usual completed by around 4 PM.


  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside the Sports Centre.
  • Hand sanitizer will be at both entry points into the track area and must be used when entering.
  • Everyone must sign into the building with a name and phone number.
  • Failure to comply with these COVID measures can result in termination of membership.

Winter Practice Schedule

Open practice at the Dundurn Sports Centre track shall be held on non-race Sundays and the odd week day evening. Check the club’s Facebook group page or WhatsApp SMS group for access times before heading out to the track. Start and end times may depend on which club members are unlocking the door.


  • Members are welcome to practice/play at the track on practice days with any 1/10th or smaller scale vehicles.
  • We can’t invite guests in the building this season due to COVID-19 restrictions – it’s club members only.
  • No 1/5th scale or larger vehicles are to be run on the track surface; no exceptions.
  • Please practice using good racing etiquette and marshal for others the same amount of time you drive yourself.
  • Practice sessions may be controlled by class if a large number of members show up.