Other Information

Point System

Points for each race (2 – 3 per race day) are awarded as follows:

  • 1st Place – 50 points
  • 2nd Place – 48 points
  • 3rd Place – 47 points
  • 4th Place – 46 points
  • 5th Place – 45 points
  • and so on…..
Note: The vehicle must cross the start/finish line at least once under its own power to earn
points for that race.
At the completion of the season we will be dropping the one worst score for each racer.

Award hardware will be handed out to the top 3 drivers in each class at the end of the year. An Awards Night will be organized shortly after the last race of the year.


Radio Frequencies

Acceptable radio frequencies are 27 and 75MHz and of course 2.4GHz spectrum based systems are highly encouraged.

With AM and FM systems, always check your frequency with other AM and FM radio owners when you arrive at the track BEFORE you turn your radio on. It is your responsibility to insure safe vehicle operations.
If another racer already has your allotted frequency and he/she was registered first – you must arrange alternate radio frequencies. If no other frequency is available priority goes to the driver whom is higher in the points standing.
Tires Patterns

No mulcher, badland or MX type tires allowed on any vehicle; they excessively chew up the track surface.

Recommend starting with tires designed for loamy or slightly loose track conditions although medium sized pin types will work well as the track surface hardens over the year.
Popular patterns are: Proline – Blockage, Bowtie, Crimefighters, Calibers, AKA – Cityblock, IBeams, Enduro, Crossbrace, Jconcepts – Crowbars, Crossbows, Duratrax – Xcons, HB – Khaos, Block, Megabites etc….

Driver's Stand
Do not lean forward over the railing while racing. This obstructs the view for other drivers.
Foul language or yelling at marshals and other drivers will not be tolerated on the driver’s stand. Membership privileges can be lost for poor sportsmanship.

Pit Lane

Maximum of 2 pitmen per vehicle. We’ll often have one pitman for several vehicles.

No maintenance/stationary tuning on “pit lane” – vehicle must be removed to insure safe passage and reduced chance of injury.
Radios must remain off until race director calls for following race warm up to begin.
Do not start vehicles directly on the Pit Lane. Pull vehicles off onto the work area.
Warm up driving must begin from the Pit Lane.

Designated Pit Area

The club has a few tables that may be used on a first come first serve basis. Most racers bring their own tables and chairs. Tents no larger than 10ft x 10ft may be setup.

Do not assume your neighbor enjoys you working on his or her table unless you were invited. Please respect your fellow racer’s pit area.
No running of vehicles in the pit area. If you need to start your vehicle please carry the
vehicle to the track and only during open practice times. Do not start your vehicle unless you
are warming up for your race or you have been given permission by the race director.
Garbage belongs in the provided bins – do not litter in pit area. Please dump fuel, grease, oils into the garbage containers provided.

Turn Marshalling

All racers are expected to turn marshal. No exceptions. Any racer not willing to abide by this rule will face a time penalty in his/her next race. Second warning is a 2 minute race penalty. Third warning – the driver and vehicle will be disqualified from the remaining races that day.

During open practice drivers are allowed to run at their own discretion. No fuel bottles will be allowed in the pit lane. Once a full tank has been burned the driver must marshal for approximately the same amount of time.
As the race lists are produced you are expected to race your heat and then park your vehicle to marshal the following race. For the first race the drivers who race last are to marshal. Racing will not begin until all marshals are accounted for.
For your safety – wear full toed shoes at the track, gloves and some form of eye protection are highly recommended. Flying debris, spinning tires and hot engine/exhaust parts can cause injury. It is recommended to marshal vehicles by the wing or front/rear bumper. If you grab a nitro vehicle by the sides you may risk stalling the engine due to a blocked exhaust pipe. Never grab the vehicle’s tires – this could cause a serious injury!
When marshaling keep your head up and watch for oncoming vehicles – it would be a shame for the race leaders to become tangled due to poor marshaling or more importantly, for you to be injured by a flying vehicle!
If two vehicles are flipped proceed to marshal the vehicle that was overturned first. DO NOT flip a vehicle if the driver is applying throttle to the wheels. Stand with your arms extended out at your sides until the driver applies the brakes. Wait as long as necessary or move onto the next vehicle. If any driver has a problem with this, the race director will pass judgement.
Any abuse (verbal or physical) towards a marshal will be dealt with severely and will not be tolerated. Report all poor behavior to the race director so it is addressed immediately.

General Rules / Expectations

All racers are expected to abide by general good behaviour rules. We are an all age’s club and please act accordingly. Membership privileges can be lost for poor sportsmanship.

Every racer should spend a few minutes doing some track maintenance or cleanup before starting any vehicles. If we each spend 10 minutes every time we run, the track will be in great shape for the whole season.
Garbage MUST be placed in the provided bins. We are expected to also pick garbage from around the fencing OUTSIDE of out track area. Better yet, take your garbage home at the end of the day. Public presentation is extremely important.
Dispute resolution is to be at the discretion of the race director. Any further dispute may be discussed by the SORRCC Board of Directors. Fees may apply to dispute resolution.
Pop-up tents are encouraged but must be set-up in the designated pit area.
Do not drive R/C vehicles in the parking lot or anywhere else near the landlord’s property.
When driving through the parking lot, keep to the inside edge (higher ground around the oval). Do not drive onto the property if it is wet. We do not want to cause our landlord any unnecessary parking lot maintenance costs.
SORRCC is a “members club” – we make decisions based on what the majority of members want, so come to meetings or privately talk to the executive about your ideas or concerns.
SORRCC is a volunteer driven club. We won’t thrive without active involvement from every member. So please attend meetings and track maintenance nights if you are available to, assist with club fundraising efforts over the winter months and bring your vehicle out to our public displays. Please talk to your friends, family and co-workers about the club. Invite them to a practice night or race day – you are the key to the club’s growth and success!

Most importantly – have fun and enjoy the R/C hobby!