2024 Summer Season info coming soon.

Outdoor Track at Sutherland Automotive Speedway


If a Point Series Race has to be cancelled due to bad weather or for any other reason, it will be rescheduled for the next weekend as long as track conditions allow. If the next weekend is a long weekend, we will not reschedule the race.

Summer Race Day

9:00 AM Gates Open
9:00 – 10:00 AM Open Practice and Registration
10:00 AM Driver’s Meeting and First race begins

Each race day consists of three (3) rounds of races for electric classes, two (2) races for nitro classes. The race class order will be set by the race director each day based on attendance.

Each nitro class race will 20 minutes long with a 5 minute warm-up. Each electric class race will be 8 minutes long. There is approximately 3 – 5 minutes between races while racers park their equipment and head out to marshal and the next group get a few practice laps in if desired.

Under normal circumstances, our race days are usual completed by around 4 PM.

Summer Practice Schedule

We currently have no fixed open practice schedule at the outdoor track.

Members in their second year with the club are provided with keys to the facility ( deposit required ) so they can practice at any time. If a key holder is planning to open the track gates, every effort shall be made to inform all members so everyone may benefit from the extra track time.

Check the club’s Facebook group page or WhatsApp text group for access times before heading out to the track. Start and end times may depend on which club members are out to open the gates.

Practice may be cancelled with little to no notice due to weather or if the club has scheduled a work party. We will not run on a wet/muddy track – it just creates more work to repair the surface later.


  • Members and guests are welcome to practice/play at the track on practice nights/days with any 1/8th, 1/10th, or smaller scale vehicles.
  • No 1/5 scale or larger vehicles are to be run on the track surface; no exceptions.
  • Please practice using good racing etiquette and marshal for others the same amount of time you drive yourself.
  • Practice sessions may be controlled by class if a large number of people show up.