Motorsports Spectacular Volunteers

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SORRCC Members: Call for Volunteers at the Motorsports Spectacular. Please contact the exec if there is a show(s) you can attend!

  • Friday Feb 15th at 7PM (4-6PM setup)
  • Saturday Feb 16th at 1PM (11AM-noon setup)
  • Saturday Feb 16th at 7PM (5-6PM setup)

#1 Enter the building through the staff entrance which is located beside the Main Box Office Lobby. Your name will be on a volunteers’ list for the R/C club.

#2 The club does get a limited number of free tickets; we can meet in the parking lot and head in as a group at the start of the set-up time listed above. Otherwise, you may have to pay admission to get in. Once we are all in the booth, we’ll split up the ticket costs evenly among the volunteers for that show.

#3 Bring your R/Cs to display!

#4 Note as SaskTel Centre event volunteers we are expected to stay in our booth, not watch the show.

#5 Bring all your gear if you want to drive on the floor (approx. 45 minutes before each show). Be aware of your surroundings at all times and watch out for the ride truck!